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Our custom serum is made-to-order with a unique blend of ingredients that is tailored to your skin needs and your scent preferences. Each blend will be completely unique but all will include gotu kola and rosehip oil - great for all skin types. Choose up to three essential oils and these will be blended together - ensuring a balanced scent profile. 

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Gotu Kola is a powerful antioxidant and a great source of amino acids, vitamins, and fatty acids; together they stimulate the production of collagen, promote firming and help to heal broken skin.

Rosehip Oil has high concentrations of essential vitamins that activate regenerative healing and reduce signs of aging. It activates increased moisture and collagen production, amping up elasticity and firmness.

Your custom blend.

After cleansing and toning (and while skin is still damp) take 2-3 drops of serum and massage gently onto the face, neck and chest. Apply 1-2 times daily. Serum can also be mixed with your moisturizer before applying. Follow morning application with a sunscreen. 

Always perform a patch test before using a product for the first time. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should check with a health-care professional before using natural products that contain essential oils. Any skincare routine should also include a sunscreen. 

Detailed ingredients will be included in your custom serum. 

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