Charity Program

How We're Giving Back

While whipping up all-natural solutions to common skincare woes, we're conscious of how our presence impacts the planet. On a global and community level, you can't produce without consuming, so it's crucial that we balance our presence with service.

Here's how we're doing exactly that:

For the Environment

There's no skirting around the subject: Making skincare magic has an environmental impact. We maximize mitigation by packaging product in recyclable glass bottles. We also use reusable/washable glass and stainless steel in the manufacturing process, reducing production waste.

For the Community

It's a basic human right to have clean, safe drinking water, as well as sanitation and hygiene facilities. A lack of these resources can have a devastating impact on the health, dignity, and prosperity of a community. Right now, billions of people face these dangerous circumstances.

Orange Poppy has committed 2
% of every sale to Water First: an organization that's addressing the water crisis among Canada's Indigenous communities. Through collaboration and education, they endeavor to ensure these basic human rights are never denied. The key Water First initiatives are...

💧 The Water First Internship trains young Indigenous adults for a career in water science, ensuring the community members themselves are equipped to become leaders in drinking water treatment.

💧 Environmental technical training is offered through the lens of Indigenous-led land management, facilitated to implement the community's long-term environmental water goals.

💧 In partnership with school administrators and community members, water science training is made available to K-12 students, inspiring the next generation to protect precious water resources.