Facial Cups


This ancient skincare secret will help you put your best face forward. Boost circulation, improve elasticity, and visibly reduce wrinkles with convenient at-home skin cupping therapy. When facial cups are suctioned to the skin, gently gliding them around the face creates negative pressure on all seven layers, delivering a plethora of short and long-term benefits.

Includes two cups: one small cup to be used on the delicate skin around the mouth and eyes and one larger cup for larger surface areas. 

Reverse signs of aging: Fine lines, wrinkles, and scars will be less visible over time. You'll even notice less excess oil and smaller pore size with regular use.

Ease facial tension: When cupping increases circulation in targeted areas, it helps to loosen tense muscles and promote cell regeneration.

Improve elasticity: When more oxygen-rich blood flows to the skin, it stimulates fibroblast cells responsible for collagen and elasticity production.

Amplify your regimen: Better absorption and more efficient delivery of nutrients to the skin means better results from your favorite skincare products.

  1. Wash your face and apply toner and facial serum (the serum allows the cup to glide more easily). 
  2. Start by suctioning the small cup to your chin and around your mouth. Leave the cup in place for few seconds and then move upward to skin around the eyes. 
  3. Swap smaller cup for larger cup for cheeks, forehead and neck. 
  4. After cupping, you can finish your skincare regimen (cupping will help absorption of products).
  5. Wash your silicone cups with warm, soapy water after use. 


  • Avoid suctioning for more than 3-5 seconds in one spot as it may cause bruising. 

Benefits & Features

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