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Introduction to Natural Skincare

Introduction to Natural Skincare

Natural skincare refers to the use of ingredients which are extracted from roots, herbs, flowers and some types of natural oils that are usually mixed with natural emulsifiers and preservatives to produce complete natural skincare products. These natural skincare products are created with pesticides and antibiotics that often affect users’ skin negatively. We are here to guide you why and how natural ingredients are the best choice for your skin.

Many big brands have produced such beauty products that are meant to affect cellular activities and bring regulation and renewal in the skin. But more than often these products contain such chemicals that, instead of strengthening and beautifying the skin, cause irritation, allergy and harm to human skin. That is why botanical products are best option for skincare because these ingredients are enriched with proteins, vitamins, essential oils, antioxidants, hydrocolloids and bioactive compounds.

Benefits of Natural Skincare Products

  1. Better Skin Nutrition: Natural ingredients of skincare are eco-friendly and not only give a long-lasting refreshing look to human skin but also ensure safety and regularity of cellular activities which play vital role in beauty of skin.
  2. Avoids Toxic Ingredients: Natural skincare will avoid strong fragrance, foaming agents and artificial colours which can help the skin temporarily but will eventually contribute to long-term damage.
  3. Cruelty Free: The beauty industry, make-up especially, has been notorious for testing products on animals. Natural skincare products do not use chemicals so there is no need to test on animals.
  4. More Sustainable: Chemical products will end up in our soil and water supply while natural products are organic materials and will cause no harm. Small-batch natural skincare makers have a smaller carbon footprint.

Food for Thought

When shopping for your next skincare product, note that the term “natural” is not regulated in marketing. Ensure your products are plant-based and cruelty free before buying.