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How to Use Your Jade Roller

How to Use Your Jade Roller

Made of an ancient stone called jade, this roller is like a gym that activates the skin muscles, reduces puffiness and smoothes the movement of lymph in the neck and face. By rolling the skincare products you have applied on your skin, this exceptional-quality roller enhances the ingredients’ penetration and makes them more effective for your skin. The texture of the stone is very soothing which is perfect to reduce accumulated toxins and contour your face. It plumps your fine lines and wrinkles and makes your complexion clear and fresh.


Reduces Puffiness: Gently massaging this roller over your face and neck will help reducing slightly swollen skin and pushing away those toxins and fluids accumulated in skin tissues. It will help reducing water retention and contour your skin naturally.

Helps Product Absorption: Not everyone knows the art of cleansing and massage and the people complaint that beauty products do not work but the actual problem lies in insufficient absorption of skincare products in the body. This roller helps absorbing your products in your skin and penetrates the effective ingredients of products deep in the skin.

Releases Stress: Jade Roller works as a stress releaser and gives a soothing and calming effect to your mind and body. After a hectic day, you need someone to massage the tensed muscles of your skin and bring peace and harmony in your mind and body. This natural magical stone will help reducing stress and relaxing muscles.


  • For better and cooling results, keep the roller in refrigerator for around 30 minutes and add your toner and face serum before you start your jade roller massage.
  • Start from your neck first by clearing the lymph passageways.
  • Bring it at the center of your face and gently move back and forth.
  • Bring it under the eye and move horizontally towards hairline.
  • Now, take it to your cheekbones, jawbone and then chin and move out towards the bottom of your ear.
  • Next, roll it above your eyes and forehead in an up and out motion and then slightly move it toward your neck again.
  • Use the smooth end in the morning and the bumpy end in the evening.


  • Avoid irritated or broken skin.
  • Do not press it hard on your skin, massage gently.
  • Wash your jade roller in warm, soapy water to clean after use.